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Igor Pejic is a leading voice on tech-driven shifts, particularly in banking and finance. His multiple award-winning book "Blockchain Babel" brought blockchain to the boardroom. And his keynotes continue to educate executives and experts of all industries about the long-term strategic impact of new tech. Igor has held multiple management roles within banking and payments and is currently based in one of Europe’s largest banking groups.

Big tech in finance

Big Tech is about to rewire the global financial system at a scale and pace never seen before. Big Tech in Finance provides a cutting-edge look at tech titans’ play for domination of the blockchain economy, its ramifications, and how finance is fighting back. The book examines the motives behind Big Tech's break into banking and unpicks the strategies behind the use of distributed ledgers, technology interfaces, infrastructure, and investments. It reviews how commercial and central banks counter those threats by driving their own centralized blockchain strategies. Finally, Big Tech in Finance lays out what regulators must do to preserve financial stability and individual liberty, while harnessing the innovative power of tech giants.

about igor pejic

Igor Pejic is an author, keynote speaker and banker. His book "Blockchain Babel" was a Financial Times Book of the Month and won the Independent Press Award 2020 for the best book on technology. The concept to "Blockchain Babel" was voted into the finals of the Bracken Bower Prize by McKinsey and the Financial Times.

A worldwide keynote speaker and expert-panelist, Igor appears at large conferences, just as well as private industry events and academic lectures. He has created online-courses, whitepapers and bespoke analytic research. As an independent pundit, he regularly comments on blockchain, finance, innovation and corporate strategy in the media. The outcome is a unique blend of his practitioner’s perspective and rigorous management theory.

Igor has worked in different management positions in banking and payments and is currently based at one of Europe’s largest banking groups. Prior to that, he was a management consultant advising Fortune 100 companies and a business journalist.


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Why you should book speaker Igor Pejic

  • Igor is a leading voice on technology, finance, and corporate strategy. His world-acclaimed book Blockchain Babel changed the way executives think about today’s most disruptive tech.
  • Discover the topics of tomorrow before your competitors do. Igor has successfully predicted market shifts caused by technology. Also, he was one of the first commentators to suggest the rise of tech giants to challenge banking incumbents.
  • Igor is a captivating keynote speaker and presenter. Listeners will quickly grasp even complex topics such as blockchain or fintech. 
  • As an independent expert, Igor has no corporate agenda driving his presentations. Instead, he merges his practitioner’s view with scientific rigidity. He is a banker but having three master’s degrees and a host of publications under his belt, you are getting more than just an expert’s opinion.  

With his listeners and readers in tote, Igor Pejic goes beyond buzz words and mere catch phrases; his constant and trusted companion: a torrent of statistics and management theory. Because, after all, as John Adams said: "Facts are stubborn things." We do well to remember that truth in an age in which web and traditional media are brimming with self-proclaimed evangelists, so-called experts of the digital age and downright fake news. Igor gives facts a voice.

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Chris goodwil 

Commercial Officer Nexus Open Systems

"Igor Pejic delivered a very engaging keynote on key concepts of blockchain - looking forward to reading his new book 'Blockchain Babel'."

Phylip Morgan, Managing Director Continuum EMEA

"Fascinating talk about blockchain by genius Igor Pejic speaking at the ChannelSec!"

Gerald Gruber, 

Head of Business Development at bunq

“Igor's keynote was a great opener for the Payment Festival 2019! It got everyone thinking about payments and innovation and set the perfect stage for the day.”

Blockchain Babel

Blockchain Babel is the ultimate guide to the most disruptive technology to have entered the finance industry in recent years, thus underpinning the success or decay of our global economy. Shortlisted as one of the three best business book proposals by McKinsey and The Financial Times for the Bracken Bower Prize in 2016, this is a must-read for business leaders and aspiring leaders.

Interested in the topic? Listen to the below interview in which Igor Pejic talks about 

blockchain’s impact on one of the most crucial industries of today’s economy: IT 

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Author, keynote speaker, and banker – Igor Pejic is a leading voice on technology and finance.

Do you need a tailored presentation? Then get in touch. Igor has created numerous bespoke presentations for organizations, universities, banks, and corporations.

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