Author, keynote speaker, and banker – Igor Pejic is a leading voice on technology and finance.

Igor Pejic is an expert panelist for major tech-driven shifts. He is also the author of "Blockchain Babel", a Financial Times Business Book of the Month. He gives facts a voice.

Igor Pejic writes and speaks about major tech-driven shifts, banking and finance. In 2016 McKinsey and The Financial Times voted him as one of three finalists of the Bracken Bower Prize with his work on blockchain. It was the seed for his award-winning book Blockchain Babel.

Ever since, Igor is a recognized international keynote speaker, expert panelist, and respected author, while continuing his work as a banker.

With his readers and listeners in tote, Igor looks beyond buzz words and catchphrases. His constant companions: a torrent of statistics and management theory. Because after all, as John Adams said: "Facts are stubborn things." We do well to remember that truth in an age in which web and traditional media are brimming with self-proclaimed evangelists and experts of the digital age. Igor's writing gives facts a voice. 

Based on his background, he works at the cusp of the practitioner's view and academic rigor. He has worked as a management consultant advising Fortune 100 companies and held different management positions in banking and payments, most recently as the Head of Marketing and Product Management at BNP Paribas PF AT. On the other side, he taught at the University of Vienna, from which he also holds three degrees: an MA in English Linguistics, as well as a BA and MA in Journalism. Moreover, he completed an MBA at the WU Executive Academy.

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Author, keynote speaker, and banker – Igor Pejic is a leading voice on technology and finance.

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