Igor Pejic brings the blockchain to the boardroom

Blockchain Babel altered the way executives and entrepreneurs think about the blockchain phenomenon. As the best book of the year on technology, Igor Pejic’ multiple award-winning guide to distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies is an essential read. It reveals how the trust machine that fueled the rise of bitcoin and other crypto coins will drive a new economy.

Big Tech is about to rewire the global financial system at a scale and pace never seen before. It is imperative that incumbents and challengers understand the new nature of their competitive advantage.

Big Tech in Finance provides a cutting-edge look at tech titans’ play for domination of the blockchain economy, its ramifications, and how finance is fighting back. The book examines the motives behind Big Tech's break into banking and unpicks the strategies behind the use of distributed ledgers, technology interfaces, infrastructure and investments into crypto unicorns. It then goes on to review how commercial and central banks counter those threats by driving their own centralized blockchain strategies.

Delving into the fight between Big Tech, Big Banking, Big Government, and disruptive start-ups, Igor Pejic analyzes which actors have the best shot at succeeding. He explores the key tools in play, such as smart contracts, digital central bank currencies, decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and Web3. Big Tech in Finance also divulges the geopolitical dimensions underpinning the power struggle and its implications for the industry. Written by an internationally recognized expert on blockchain, the book draws on in-depth interviews with founders, investors, regulators, bankers, and tech experts to provide valuable insider knowledge. This is an essential read for finance and fintech professionals, bankers and investors, and anyone else interested in the future of money.

Publisher: Kogan Page

"A deep dive into the fast-changing frontier of money from blockchain and Big Tech to Web3”

Ronit Ghose, Global Head, Future of Finance, Citi

"A must read for anyone who thinks they understand the ongoing transformation of the orthodox geopolitical landscape. A brilliant examination of the fact that it's not who owns tanks but banks that matters. The ownership of data including your identity, who controls marketing and fulfilment for SME ecommerce, who designs the prevailing digital token of exchange and how it facilitates global payments will determine whether central banks and financial services incumbents or fin and big-tech insurgents will control our destinies."

Bob Wigley, Chairman at UK Finance

"This wide ranging book is a must-read for builders and operators looking to tame the disruption happening in the financial industry. From exploring the role of centralized technology companies to understanding the infrastructure of decentralized blockchains, readers will learn about the most important levers of tomorrow's economic landscape."

Lex Sokolin, Chief Economist at ConsenSys and Founder at the Fintech Blueprint

"Big Tech in Finance is a must-read for anyone interested in the impact of digital on the finance industry. The book provides a comprehensive overview of how big tech companies and new technologies such as Distributed Ledgers are transforming the landscape, and how these trends are converging. The author's ability to break down complex concepts into clear and concise chapters makes this book accessible to readers with varying levels of expertise. Overall, it offers very valuable insights into the future of digital finance by explaining its history.”

Huy Nguyen Trieu, Co-founder of CFTE (Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship)

"Many of us working in financial services innovation can clearly see that Big Tech is circling the banking and finance industry. In this book Igor describes why Big Tech is interested and what they will probably do next. What is more interesting is what should be done about it - banning them would deprive us of the innovation and improvement they will bring. Big Tech needs to be monitored and regulated. It is time that regulators and governments worldwide realise that they need to up their game to address a fast changing industry. A must read book that is also fun. Don’t miss it."

Alessandro Hatami, Founder of and co-author of Reinventing Banking and Finance

"Big Tech in Finance" provides a comprehensive and insightful analysis of the impact that Big Tech has on the finance industry. It is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the motivations, risks and opportunities associated with Big Tech's foray into finance and how to navigate the ever-changing world of blockchain technology."

Karl Zettl, CEO and Co-Founder of Iknaio Cryptoasset Analytics

"Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize society for the better, and those institutions embracing this technology will thrive in a society where data is controlled by the user. Igor succinctly describes how the world is changing, what the impact will be on the financial services industry and how the future of money will change geopolitics. A must-read if you want to understand the future of finance."

Dr Mark van Rijmenam, strategic futurist, author and speaker

“This is a book that should make anyone interested in the future of our economy sit up and take notice. The world of the 2020s will be defined by the clash of the titans of tech and finance, and it will be a new wave of technologies - like blockchain - that will determine the winner. Mr Pejić’s sharp and thoughtful book gives an up-to-the-minute view of what will drive the economy of the next ten years, and what is at stake for everyone today!”

Laura Stojcevic

Blockchain Babel is the ultimate guide to the most disruptive technology to have entered the finance industry in recent years, thus underpinning the success or decay of our global economy. By allying the analysis of blockchain with innovation diffusion, competitive dynamics, and management strategy, this book dispels 7 myths that pervade the understanding of this momentous technological change that has the potential to disrupt not only finance, but the business world as a whole. Finalist of the Bracken Bower Prize 2016 by McKinsey and The Financial Times, this is a must-read for everbody wanting to grasp and put into context blockchain, and understand its practical implications.

Publisher: Kogan Page


  • Financial Times Book of the Month (2019)
  • Winner Independent Press Award (2020) in the Technology category
  • #1 New Release on Amazon US (2019)
  • Top 10 WHSmith business chart (2019)
  • Finalist Bracken Bower Prize (2016) - awarded by McKinsey and the Financial Times for the best book concept

“The blockchain revolution is ushering in a new internet of value that will transform every industry. In Blockchain Babel, Pejic provides a lucid breakdown of blockchain's potential to serve as the foundation of a new digital economy.”

Alex Tapscott, Co-author, Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies is Changing the World

“Blockchain Babel is well titled in alluding to a tower connecting earth to heaven and frustrated through a confusion of voices. Pejic’s book helps attenuate that confusion through a comprehensive assessment of the complex path of how blockchain technology’s promise vs reality is developing in practice.”

Keith Bear, VP at IBM Financial Markets and Fellow at Centre for Alternative Finance, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

"Blockchain Babel separates the signal from the noise. This book is the new bible for professionals who want to move from intention to implementation. Everyone who works in banking, wealth management or finance should not only read this book but buy copies for their colleagues to help enlighten them to the realities of blockchain."

April Rudin, Founder and CEO Rudin Group

“Igor Pejic's excellent book - Blockchain Babel - provides valuable insights into how the blockchain technology will transform the financial industry.”

Spiros Margaris, Venture Capitalist and the global No. 1 Fintech, AI and Blockchain influencer by Onalytica

“Blockchain Babel is a sobering, intelligent, and audacious take on clarifying blockchain’s many myths and misunderstandings. Every banking executive should read this book.”

John Waupsh, Author of Bankruption and Chief Innovation Officer at Kasasa

“The book helps to disentangle the hype and get a clean glance onto a technology whose real business potential we have merely scratched so far.”

Georg Hauer, General Manager Austria N26

“Blockchain Babel is how all books on blockchain should be: well-balanced, myth-debunking, thought-provoking, and entertaining enough to get you through to the end! A must-read guide for those who want to know more about blockchain technology - beyond the hype - and the way it will disrupt (or not!) the financial services sector globally."

Markos Zachariadis, Associate Professor in Information Systems & Digital Finance, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick and FinTech Research Fellow at the Cambridge Centre for Digital Innovation, University of Cambridge

"Blockchain Babel breaks the most common myths concerning blockchain technology in a smart and comprehensible manner. In this wonderful reading Pejic shapes a new understanding of the future development of blockchain technology."

Philipp Sandner, Head of Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

“Igor Pejic takes an inside look at the crypto-craze gold rush challenging banks, and peers around the corner at the complex world of international finance.  Buckle up for a remarkable and intriguing blockchain ride that will forever change the payment system and slice across all industries.  A powerful read and examination of the blockchain revolution unfolding before us now.”

Stephen G. Andrews, Community Bank President and FinTech enthusiast

“The number of publications on blockchain technology coming out every day can be measured in meters of bookshelves right now. All the more remarkable is Igor Peijc's book, as it is highly informative, full of substance and engaging to read at the same time despite the subject's complexity. Whether you want to get a good overview or dig in deep into the matter - you can get both out of this book. After reading Blockchain will no longer be a myth to you.”

Barbara Stöttinger, Dean WU Executive Academy

“In his riveting, yet analytic account of blockchain Igor Pejic is shaping a new understanding of the technology that will transform banking and business. Blockchain Babel is a powerful compass to navigate the vast seas of crypto-literature.”

Jürgen Kob, Board member of various companies and FinFluencer

“Igor wrote one of the most comprehensive books about blockchain. In clear and precise manner. No doubt that anybody involved in future business developments must read it if they don’t want to miss the blockchain revolution.”

Marc Toledo, Managing Director at

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