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Excerpt from Blockchain Babel - click here

Blockchain Babel makes the shortlist of the Bracken Bower Prize 2016 - click here

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Blockchain's impact on incumbents: a blessing or a curse? (pages 42-49) - click here

Building Blocks: Blockchain expert Igor Pejic talks to Chris Evans about how the back-office technology could transform financial services (p. 18 - 19, 34) - click here

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A Titanic Problem: Is The Blockchain Really Unsinkable? -click here

Banking on blockchain: There are two sides to the story - click here

3 sings banks should worry about data behemoths using blockchain - click here

Lessons from the European Central Bank on CBDCs - click here

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Channel-Sec to offer free copies of important new blockchain book - click here

Why blockchain matters to every industry: expert interviewed at Channel-Sec (interview)- click here

Blockchain opens up industries, needs managed services to work (interview)- click here

  What's the latest with Facebook's Libra Association? #106 (interview) - click here

Techfin: Die nächste Revolution in der Finanzbranche? - click here

Blockchain: Das wahre Potenzial für Banken - click here

Buchrezension Blockchain Babel (Book Review) click here

Lending revolution: fintechs vs banks (interview) - click here

The New Space Race: What Does Blockchain Mean for Banking - click here

Wie Blockchain die Marketingbranche beflügelt - click here

Expert Eye: Evaluating the need for both competition and collaboration in the financial sector - click here

In 'Blockchain Babel," a warning for banks and FinTechs - click here

Facebook is joining Apple and Google in coming after Citibank and Chase (interview)  - click here

Facebook, Google want to be your banker (interview)  - click here

Book Review: Blockchain Babel - click here


Radio interview on Blockchain, Use Cases, and a Unique Opportunity if You Dare

Blockchain’s Killer Applications: What Makes Them Different to Those of Other Industries - click here

Technological shortcomings continue to haunt the banking sector - click here

Igor Pejic: Blockchain moze bankama i ustedjeti 20 milijardi dolara i opako srezati zaradu - click here

A series of digital courses I have designed and held on blockchain and cryptocurrency - click here

A radical change: The silent revolution that will outshine 3D-printing and IOT - click here

China's "digital yuan" explained (interview) - click here

Don't Quit the Blockchain Just Yet - click here

Can FIDO accelerate the uptake of eGov services? click here

Blockchain | Everything MBAs need to know (interview) - click here

What Does Blockchain Mean to You? click here

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